USF's athletic director preparing for financial hit

The coronavirus shutdown in sports is having widespread effects. On college campuses around the country, it's not only games that are being lost; it's also revenue.

Colleges have a lot of concerns right now and when it comes to student-athletes, it's the athletic directors that are in charge of overseeing it all. At USF, that's Michael Kelly.

"I'm just trying to keep everyone's spirits up and doing everything we can to make it as normal as possible,” Kelly told FOX 13 Sports. "Trying to provide every bit of support that we normally provide our student-athletes in a remote environment."

A survey of 100 FBS ADs found that 63% are fearing a financial crisis this year, according to ESPN, with a loss of at least 20%. And if the college football season is reduced, those losses could be devastating.

"We'll take an approach on what we would have done under normal circumstances,” said Kelly. "I bet you we will take a look at a 10, 20, and even a 30% cut in terms of at least doing that budget preparation to see what that would mean."

Some schools are already asking coaches to take pay cuts and to forgo bonuses that are in their contracts.

"I think everything has to be on the table under the circumstances,” Kelly offered. "That all has to be part of the potential cuts that you have to look at, in terms of your personnel costs. In terms of how that balances between reductions. How that balances layoffs, furloughs, all those sorts of things."

For student-athletes that lost their spring seasons, the NCAA is granting another year of eligibility, but will students that graduate really want to return to just play sports?

"Some are definitely saddened by it and shocked and definitely want to come back,” added Kelly. "Some are, 'Hey, I'm going to graduate in May. I'm ready to go on to grad school or go to work or what have you.’"