UT's softball sisters create family-like atmosphere for entire team

They're two University of Tampa softball players who have spent most of their lives playing on the same teams. 

"I'm more of the quiet type," explained the Spartans’ catcher, Maddie. 

"I'm more of, like, the blunt and honest one," said second baseman Taylor. 

These two UT softball players couldn't be any more different. But, they also couldn't be any more similar. 

"People think we're twins. All the time," said Taylor. "I don't even think we look that much alike. Honestly, we have blonde hair and blue eyes. What else?!"

Taylor and Maddie Farrell are -- you guessed it -- sisters. 

"Sometimes, you don't realize they're sisters. And sometimes, they fight and you know they're sisters," said softball head coach Leslie Kanter. 

When older sister Taylor started playing T-ball at 5 years old, Maddie wasn't far behind.  

"She actually was the bat girl. She wanted to play so badly at 3 years old that my dad gave her a jersey and let her play, and just hit the ball and stuff," recalled Taylor. "Ever since then, we've pretty much been on the same team through high school, travel ball, and now, even college."

"I think in the long run, they'll appreciate the fact that they're both here together," said Kanter. 

Just by watching them practice, you can tell, the sisters are each other's biggest supporters. 

"It's nice having someone, like, not only your sister, but like a friend that's always there for you and someone you can rely on," offered Taylor. 
"I mean, without her, I would be a totally different person on the team and in school," said Maddie. "I feel like she helps me out every step of the way." 

They say sisters make the best of friends. In this case, they also make the best of teammates, too. 

"We've always been together, and done things together, so as a team, it's like we have just a bunch of sisters now instead of just each other," added Taylor.  

It's clear their sibling bond is shared not only between them, but the rest of the team, as well.