Can you fold a fitted sheet? Good Day team tries to pull it off

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Folding a fitted sheet can be difficult and frustrating. For some, it may just be rolled up like a Little Debbie's Fudge Swirl snack, and tossed into the linen closet. 

The New York Times recently tried to answer the age-old of question of how to properly fold one, and provided step-by-step instructions -- which can be seen here -- along with a visual model to show how it's done.

The crew on Good Day Tampa Bay attempted to follow those directions, as closely as possible, to see if it works for the average person.

"The way The New York Times – we should give them credit – tells us how to do it is pretty funny," said FOX 13's anchor Laura Moody. 

To warm up, they suggest taking a deep breath and to not be intimidated before proceeding. The Good Day team were all determined, but there were moments of confusion mixed with furrowed eyebrows. You can view the full video above

It appears FOX 13's Dave Osterberg was the winner.

"So, it does take a meteorologist to fold a fitted sheet," said FOX 13's Russell Rhodes, who pointed out that when Laura Moody was "air folding" to practice she did it perfectly.

The steps are below, or you can head over to The New York Times website

1) Hold your sheet inside out, with the elastic facing your body. Stick your hands inside the two corner pockets on the long side of the sheet and bring your palms together.
2) Fold the corner on your right hand over your left. Use your free hand to straighten the edges and put your left hand into the opposite corner pockets connecting the two remaining edges.
3) Bring your palms together and fold the pocket on your right hand over your left. Straighten edges to make a rectangle.
4) For a twin, fold your sheet lengthwise in half. For a larger sheet, fold into thirds. Fold again to create a square. Ta da!