Clearwater camp offers unique outdoor experiences

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While the recent heat wave has stopped some from spending their days outside, one Clearwater summer camp is continuing to thrive. YMCA's Camp Muskogee, located at 2201 Soule Rd., is home to 54 acres of land and Lake Chautauqua. 

Camp Muskogee offers many activities for campers to explore the outdoors while developing new friendships and promoting creativity. 

The campsite features archery ranges, campfires, sports fields, a private pool, a fishing pier, canoes and much more. Campers are able discover new outdoor activities and immediately jump in the pool when its gets too hot. 

Each camper has the opportunity at the beginning of the week to choose which activities they want to participate in. 

It is so fun even FOX 13's Jen Epstein had to go for a swim during her visit.  

"All the stuff you usually don't get in a typical day camp, we have it here at Camp Muskogee,"
said a Camp Muskogee employee. 

Camp Muskogee is for campers ages 7 to 14. 

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