New exhibit displays Spain's influence on Salvador Dalí's artwork

A new and exclusive exhibit at The Dali Museum gives visitors a peek at where Salvador Dali’s drew his inspiration.

The museum invited famous Florida photographer, Clyde Butcher, to explore and visually document Dali’s homeland in Spain. “Clyde Butcher: Visions of Dali’s Spain” provides a technically brilliant, epically scaled view of the area Dali loved in Spain.

The collection features 41 black-and-white photos that take viewers on a journey through the Catalonia region, with images ranging from an intimate 2 feet to a panoramic 8 feet in width. The show is Butcher’s first photo exhibition of Spain, as well as the first time he has been commissioned to photograph an area that influenced another artist.

The exhibit also demonstrates how some of Dali's artwork appears to match the landscapes in Clyde’s photos. The exhibit will be at the St. Petersburg-based museum until November 25. 

To learn more about visiting The Dali Museum and this exhibit, click over to their website.