One family, three businesses and a giant warehouse

It's only one warehouse, but an Auburndale family has found a way to fit three different businesses inside it. 

The 13,000-square-foot building, located at 402 Progress Road, is home to Dazzling Driftwood, Action Watersports and Caribbean Waterworks. 

Dazzling Driftwood  has the smallest space in the warehouse, but that doesn't stop Angel Sims from transforming driftwood into art. She uses driftwood to create different fixtures like chandeliers and wind chimes. 

Angel goes from coast to coast, collecting unique driftwood, often times with barnacles or oyster shells. The driftwood is then put through an eco-friendly, week-long cleaning process before going into a fire ant pile, insuring the barnacles are cleaned out. 

She then adds crystals and other unique aspects to make the finished project.

Angel's husband, David, takes up the majority of the warehouse with Action Watersports. 

Action Watersports fills the warehouse with kayaks, paddle boards and other paddle sport equipment. They even have a small paddle pool where customers can get a feeling for the different kayaks. 

The last part of the warehouse features Caribbean Waterworks, which is run by the rest of the family. They supply several hotels and resorts with water toys for their guests to enjoy.

Some of their products include water hammocks, water skis and banana boats. 


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