One Tank Trip: Tree-Umph!

Adventure seekers, this one's for you.

Imagine spending the day in the trees- walking wobbly bridges, climbing hanging nets, leaping from suspended logs, bouncing on bungee swings and hurrying across foot bridges- high above the lush landscape below.

It sounds like an adrenaline-filled excursion you'd encounter while on vacation in some exotic destination, right?

Well it may be…but it's also an activity you can do right here in the Bay area!

It's all part of an elevated adventure course offered by a local business called Tree-Umph! They have not one, but two locations- in Manatee and Hernando Counties- and depending on which side of the Bay you're on, you're only one gas tank away from an exciting day.

In the video above, FOX 13's Dave Osterberg gets an up close (or up high) look at the course, and talks more about all Tree-Umph! has to offer.

Check it out, and click here for more information.