Tampa's ‘New Tampa Rec Center' to expand with more fun options for kids

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City of Tampa's ‘New Tampa Rec Center' has all sorts of things to offer for kids during their summer vacation.

They try to cover all the facets for age groups. They have parent-tot classes, but for summer camps they cater to the four year olds and five years olds, and they have camps for children ages 6 to 12. 

There's also a skateboard park, gymnastics, and soccer. Everything is broken up into skill sets.

Summer camp prices can add up quickly, but the city's park and recreation department promises they are reasonably priced for large families.

They are also expanding by 8,000 square feet to include dance rooms and even a pre-school gym. 

LINK: For more information, head over to City of Tampa's website.

New Tampa Center
17302 Commerce Park Bouelvard
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