101-year-old philanthropist honored for service

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In his 101 years, Charles Grimes has accomplished a lot. But recently, he was recognized for an extraordinary achievement.

"Very few people get this award from us. It's really honoring a lifetime of giving and quite a generous contribution on many occasions to youth ranches," said Arvid Cowell of the Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranches.

Grimes received the Golden Star award. For more than 10 years, he has donated more than $50,000 to the Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranches.

"My faith says [for us to] help them and that's what I've tried to do," said Grimes.

He was inspired to start giving after visiting one of the ranches.

"To help these little kids who are out on the street their parents are on drugs or can't get along and just kicked the kids out," said Grimes.

"It shows that he not only has a generous heart but a real passion for children, making sure that children in Florida have an opportunity to grow up without abuse in their lives," said Cowell.

And he helps give them hope for their future.

"This gives them an education. They learn to help themselves so they can better themselves," said Grimes.

For information on how to donate to the Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranches, visit https://www.youthranches.org/ways-to-give/online-donation.