12 puppies at Humane Society of Tampa Bay are growing up, and still adorable

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There are 12 puppies that are about a month shy of becoming adoptable, but that doesn’t mean they are too young to come out and play.

Their mom, Angel, was about a year old when she gave birth to the dozen. The family of 13 is under the care of Humane Society of Tampa Bay, and have called it their home for nearly two weeks.

Angel’s babies planned a visit to Good Day Tampa Bay on Wednesday morning, to spread their cuteness for all. The shelter is not familiar with Angel’s previous home life, but when the Labrador mix arrived with her pups at the end of June, she was extremely emaciated. Her spine and ribs were outlined in her fur.

“Now, it is normal for lactating mothers to get thin, but this is really thin,” one of the shelter workers said at the time.

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The Humane Society will provide an update on the family Wednesday morning. They won’t be up for adoption for at least another month. Angel will need to recover from nursing her pups, and the young ones will need to be taken to a foster home, and then spayed and neutered. 

The shelter will announce their adoption date at a later time.