24 cars, most of them locked, burglarized in Winter Haven

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A whopping 24 cars were burglarized over the weekend in Winter Haven. 

Most were parked at the Sailwind Apartments. Only three were left unlocked but the other 21 wound up with their windows smashed.

“They were tumbling thru it but didn’t find anything,” said Jauntaveiah Wood.

Her mother's car was one of the 24.

”Crazy because people work hard. They don’t want to wake up and their car's busted,” she said.

”This is the type of stuff, you can try to prevent all day long but unfortunately there are criminals out there determined to try and take your stuff,” said Winter Haven Police spokesperson Jamie Brown.

Items stolen include change, phones, and other miscellaneous items.  Police say the smashed windows and the sheer number makes this a somewhat unusual case.

”It is extremely frustrating. Somebody does know something. We know criminals love to brag on what they do,” said Brown.

Police are looking for two male suspects.  They were wearing all black and hoodies.