3-day run honoring Phoebe Jonchuck underway

Michele Jonchuck said she lives with a major void in her heart.

"My life has been so hard this whole year without her," she said.

Her 5-year-old granddaughter, Phoebe was killed one year ago.

Saint Petersburg Police said Phoebe's own father, Jon Jonchuck threw her from a bridge leading up to the Skyway.

Rescuers found Phoebe, but it was too late.

"I, myself am having a hard time forgetting the tragedy and who did it to her. Her daddy loved her and she loved her daddy so much," Jonchuck said.

Meanwhile, Alex Estrella gears up to make sure Phoebe is not forgotten.

"I never want them to forget her. She was an angel here. Now she is a real angel," Estrella said.

For three days, Alex will run back and forth from the Shriner's headquarters off Rocky Point Drive to Clearwater Beach in Phoebe's honor.

He doesn't want to focus on the day Phoebe died, but said he wants people to remember the little girl and all she left behind.

"We are a loving community and I know we can show how much we cared about Phoebe, even though we couldn't prevent that. There are children that still need help," he said.

The former Army Ranger's run will benefit the Shriner's Children Hospital.

"I think if we all pull together, we can help a lot of children in memory of Phoebe," he said.

Her grandmother couldn't be happier.

"I just  believe this is going to keep her heart going out still to help the other kids," she said.

It will take a lot of energy and concentration, but Alex said he is prepared for the journey ahead.

"I do know that this community loved Phoebe and her memory will always be around," he said.