911 service restored for Tampa, Hillsborough Co. residents

The Tampa Police Department said 911 service has been restored after almost a day of problems for some cell phone users.

The 911 calls at issue were made from cell phones to Tampa police, Hillsborough Sheriff's Office, and Hillsborough Fire Rescue dispatchers. It was unclear how widespread the problem was. 

The callers who couldn't get through reported hearing a fast busy signal.

Landlines did not appear to be affected. 

The agencies said if you call 911 and get a fast busy tone, you can call from a landline or call the Tampa police non-emergency number at 813-231-6130. For fire or medical emergencies call 813-232-6805.

Police said they are working with cell phone service providers to correct the problem. The issue first occurred Thursday, but was believed to have been corrected during the overnight hours. However, the technical service issued reoccurred, police said.

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For those who were outside the City of Tampa limits who call 911 and get a fast-busy tone, they are advised to use one of the following options:

-Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office: (813) 247-8200

-Hillsborough County Fire Rescue (including medical calls) (813) 272-5665

-Temple Terrace Police, Fire, and Medical: (813) 989-7110