A dozen skimmers found in Pasco County gas station pumps

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Twelve gas station skimmers were found and removed throughout Pasco County, deputies said. 

They said they conducted gas pump checks with state officials at 151 gas stations in the county. Among 7 locations, they found 12 skimmers.

Skimmers were located at the following gas stations:
- On the Fly BP: 1068 US Alternate Highway 19, Holiday (one skimmer located)
- Citgo 52: 7820 SR 52, Hudson (three skimmers located)
- Jasmine Food & Gas: 10461 US Highway 19, Port Richey (one skimmer located)
- 7-Eleven #32738: 18934 US Highway 19, Hudson (one skimmer located)
- BP: 6444 Massachusetts Avenue, New Port Richey (four skimmers located)
- 7-Eleven #17223: 6001 Trouble Creek Road, New Port Richey (one skimmer located)
- Top King Food Mart/Chevron: 11744 Fort King Road, Dade City (one skimmer located)

Officers said on just one skimmer, dozens of victims' information was found and some of the skimmers were blue tooth-enabled, so thieves could download the victims' information on the fly. 

People should check their bank statements to see if their credit or debit card information has been compromised.