A few days of fall weather had many flocking to Bay Area parks

That breath of fresh air this week was a reminder to most Floridians that fall is here and cooler temperatures are right around the corner.

For some, it meant a trip outside without coming home drenched in sweat and feeling like it was time for a shower. For others, it was just nice to not have rain for a few days.

One mother FOX 13 spoke to in Largo's Walsingham Park was simply happy to be able to take her toddler outside.

"It actually feels like fall," said Viri Stees.

She was there with her daughter Mia enjoying some time at the playground.

"(It's) amazing because when you're out here running around you're not covered in sweat being miserably hot," she shared.

Toddler at playground

For a mom trying to keep up with an active child, it was a great chance to be outside.

"This is such a nice break," said Stees. "Especially after all the rain."

Mia was enjoying the park and the free space to roam around outside.

"I try to bring her to the playground where she can be outdoors," Stees explained. "I can't wait until it's like this all the time."

Walsingham Park is located in Largo at 12615 102nd Avenue North. You can find out more information about it here or visit http://www.pinellascounty.org/park/default.htm to see all of the parks available in Pinellas County.


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