Accomplished Eagle Scout diagnosed with cancer

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Eagle Scout Ron Cain pulled off something that few people do - earning every merit badge that the Scouts have to offer.

But his biggest accomplishment may be yet to come.

Just days after he was recognized for his achievement, Ron, 18, was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

"It was just a big shock going from the best day in my life to the worst day in my life," he told FOX 13.

Testicular cancer spreads so quickly, his doctor performed surgery immediately. He still has to go through months of chemotherapy.

"I am kinda looking forward to it in a way because that's what stopping me from being healthy," Ron said.

Instead of seeing his diagnosis as a setback, Ron has decided to turn it into an opportunity to educate other young men about the disease.

He is reaching out to Scout troops around the state and possibly to youth groups around the world.

"It is just something I have to do," he said. 

Ron says he is thinking about becoming an oncology nurse so he can help others like him.

Testicular cancer usually strikes males between 15 and 30-years-old. A new case is diagnosed every hour. Caught early, the cure rate for testicular cancer is about 90 percent.