Action Zone helps veterans succeed in business

Dr. Carlos Garcia made a career of serving others. After serving in the marines, he became a psychologist and opened his own practice with the help of Action Zone.

“Action Zone was providing this amazing course that I could engage in and really learn about the business aspect of running my practice,” he said.

Transitioning to civilian life and starting a business is often daunting for military families. So, Action Zone helps.

"We teach them how to identify that idea and validate it as well as how to transition their military skills to business skills. They often don't realize how similar they are and how critical they are to business success", said executive director, Rosie Lee.

Through Action Zone, entrepreneurs give veterans a better understanding of the business world.

"Being able to collaborate with other veterans, being able to learn from people themselves who have started businesses and, I think, from start to finish learning how to do things correctly is huge," said Luke McClees, who works in education.

"It makes me feel amazing because, as a veteran myself, I've learned through my own personal transition that any kind of exposure to the entrepreneurial mindset is going to aid that veteran," said Valerie Lavin, the outreach director.

It's a big benefit professionally and personally for veterans. 

"The connection, the comradery, the space that they have to be around like minded individuals is an opportunity I think no other program no other organization provides," said Dr. Garcia.

LINK: For more information about Action Zone, head over to their website.