Adult businesses must post human trafficking info

The new year brings a new law for adult businesses - which will have to make customers and workers aware of the dangers of human trafficking.

Gentleman's clubs and massage parlors will be required to post warning signs, as well as a number victims can call for help.

"Some people have no idea where to go if that is happening to them," said Natasha Nascimento, the head of Redefining Refuge. "It's warning people and giving people that are being impacted resources."

The owner of Mons Venus in Tampa, Joe Redner, says it is a positive meausre that will raise awareness and encourage women to seek help.

He put the signs up as soon as the legislature passed the law, which goes into effect January 1.

"Ignorance is a big problem with anything," said Redner. "People really don't know what they are dealing with. This will put notice on it."

It will be up to county governments to enforce the requirement that applies to strip clubs, massage parlors, truck stops and adult entertainment stores.

"We certainly have children in our program that are given fake identification by their traffickers that are being forced to dance in strip clubs and being forced to perform sex acts," said Nascimento. "They are undergoing extensive therapy for the trauma they have endured."

The hope is to also raise awareness amongst potential customers, that the women dancing or offering a massage might be in a more dangerous situation than one might realize.

"It's like putting a sign on a box of cigarettes," said Nascimento.