Adults with memory loss benefit from time with kids

An interactive music class pairs children with adults suffering from memory loss and the benefits are clear. 

Musical interaction classes are a common activity for parents and young children, but Karen Gilldon saw an opportunity for the classes to be much more.

"It's a great way to bridge the younger generations and the older generations together, experiencing the magic of the class," she explained.

To help patients at assisted living facilities deal with memory loss, Karen started the classes, which she named Blending Generations.

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Now it's a traveling interactive musical program where children and adults who suffer from memory loss interact.

"I think it gets the endorphins going. There's a whole lot of joy being brought, something new, something to anticipate, an activity to do and bring back memories," she said.

"I think its great for younger kids to see older faces. I think we miss that nowadays," said parent Cari Laramee. 

For more information on the classes, visit www.kpeasplace/com.