After being told she was 'unemployable,' woman opens cafe for dogs

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A Missouri woman with learning difficulties proved those who said she was “unemployable” wrong by opening her own business.

Jessica Eisenbeis opened a cafe specializing in healthy dog treats in St Peters, called Yadi’s Yummies, after running a small online store from her kitchen at home. She held her opening day on Saturday.

“For the past two years we have participated in countless fairs and markets selling her treats and have sold through her website. The decision to open a brick and mortar really came about because we needed a bigger production area,” Jessica’s mother Cindy told Storyful.

Jessica started baking healthy goodies for dogs after one of her beloved dog’s Yadi (who the cafe is named after) had to be euthanized, while her other dog Annie had to undergo numerous surgeries for different health reasons.

These reasons, combined with finding it hard to get a job due to her special needs, led Jessica to starting her own business.