Air Force helped veteran get set for success in the business world

Kelvin Valle is proud of his accomplishments. His office is filled with awards he received for his military service. 

"When I was 24, I joined the Air Force. I got two deployments with the U.S. Air Force to Iraq and multiple other countries." 

He grew up in a small town in Puerto Rico.

"It was great. I grew up with my sister, my dad and my mother." 

Kelvin joined the Air Force in 2001, right after 9/11.

"The fact that they hit our country actually hit me personally. I felt it was an attack on us. Our liberty and our freedoms. So, decided to join the Air Force." 

He spent two tours in Iraq as an air transportation specialist and was assigned to MacDill Air Force Base in 2010.  

"For me, it was a great experience. I got to go to college, went to college with the Air Force. I got two associate degrees." 

He retired from the military last year. Kelvin started two businesses, Transonic Logistics Consultants and Transonic Lazer Engraving. 

"Taking that uniform off. It's difficult. It's not easy.”

But he says he owes the success of his business to his military training. 

"The leadership, the skills, the training, the discipline. I think that has been an asset to me in the business world.”