Al Sharpton leads rally protesting Stand Your Ground law

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Reverend Al Sharpton was in Clearwater Sunday afternoon to lead a rally protesting Florida’s controversial Stand Your Ground law following the death of Markeis McGlockton.

Before speaking in front of hundreds at St. John Primitive Baptist Church, Sharpton addressed the media. 

“It has happened again. Again we are here. We are going to keep coming until we see justice in this case,” Sharpton said in reference to law enforcement not filing charges against the shooter, Michael Drejka. 

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri declined to charge Drejka, citing Stand Your Ground. His office turned the case over to the State Attorney’s Office last week. Sharpton called on prosecutors to move fast. 

“The States Attorney’s Office needs to move immediately. This case should not be tried in the parking lot of a gas station, it should be tried in a court room.”  

Sharpton singled out President Trump for being silent on the issue when he was in Tampa for a rally last week. 

“This is a real disgrace, that the President of the United States would come to Tampa and talk about voter ID and not one time mention Stand your Ground or what happened to Markeis McGlockton.” 

Outside, almost 100 hundred people marched in the streets, calling for change. They are hoping that Sharpton can bring a renewed light to their call for justice. 

"We all just want to see justice," said demonstrator Chandrea Graves. "This man should be arrested, he should not be home laying in his bed. He should be in jail."