Alligator, Burmese python entangled on Florida golf course

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It’s not unusual to find an alligator taking a stroll on a Florida golf course, but a group of golfers came across a more unusual sight: a Burmese python wrapped around a gator.

Richard Nadler came across the reptiles as his group was playing the 10th hole Friday at The Golf Club at Fiddler’s Creek in Naples. 

“It was unbelievable because this rather large python was wrapped around the alligator but the head of the python was inside the mouth of the gator,” Nader told FOX 13 News. “There's no question, we think the gator won.”

He captured photos showing the python and alligator entwined near one of the ponds. The alligator had the python’s tail in its mouth.

Nadler wrote, “the alligator seems to have the upper hand.”

John Paner, director of Croc Encounters in Tampa, agrees.

“I would imagine the alligators are eating the snakes way more often than the other way around,” Paner explained. “Alligators very opportunistic.”

Paner says size matters in situations like these.

“A very big snake and a small alligator; the snake is going to win, no question,” he said. “As the alligator gets bigger, it’s got a bigger way to protect himself those powerful jaws where that snake won't have a fair fight.”