Alligators bellow during mating season at Naples Zoo

Ever hear an alligator bellow? The gators at the Naples Zoo are making plenty of noise during mating season.

It's the time of year when alligators become more active and mobile as they come out in full force in search of mates. The Naples Zoo said it also makes more vocal.

The zoo posted footage of their alligators bobbing in the water and making loud growling sounds, prompting someone nearby to say, "It sounds like something out of Jurassic Park!"

Though alligators bellow year round, the zoo said they do so more during this time of year during their mating season, which lasts from April to June.

"Alligators also may bellow to communicate size to each other. While both males and females bellow, males can reach a lower frequency, which causes the water to 'dance' on their backs, like you can see here with the gator in the middle!" the zoo noted.