Angry Markeith Loyd makes expletive-laden first appearance

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In an expletive-laden court appearance, a judge refused to set bond for a defiant and angry Markeith Loyd, accused of killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend and a Orlando police officer.

Loyd was arrested Tuesday night after a more than week-long manhunt. He was hospitalized for his injuries and made his first court appearance Thursday morning on several charges, including the murder of his ex-girlfriend Sade Dixon and her unborn child.

Police say he will soon also face charges for murder in the death of Master Sgt. Debra Clayton, who was shot to death Jan. 9.

An Orange County Sheriff's deputy helping in the manhunt, Deputy First Class Norman Lewis, was also killed when his motorcycle crashed.

In court Thursday, Loyd refused a public defender and said he would defend himself before erupting into a verbal, expletive-laden tirade about the circumstances surrounding the cases in which he faces charges. "First of all, I have a question to ask," he says to the judge. "Ya'll making up sh-t. Ya'll portray this sh-t to the news people," Loyd said. "Like I just went there and shot this girl when there was other guns found on the scene, and all kinds of guns were pulled on me." 

"Everything you say is being recorded, sir," said the judge, who reminded him he was under oath.

"I'm not finished talking because ya'll been making up sh-t this whole time," Loyd responds. "I work. I work 2-3 jobs," he continues.

The judge also ordered Loyd to have no contact with any of the victims, witnesses, or victims' family members through any communication, phone, or third party.

"And then, when they had me in the hospital...they done took my eye, they done broke my nose, broke my jaw, they did all this sh-t saying I resisted, but I crawled out to the mother f--king road so how did I resist," Loyd said.

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"Corrections, I think we've established everything we need to do in a first appearance here and he can be taken, the judge interrupts. "Later, f--k you," Loyd responds several times as he is led out of the courtroom.

Loyd was hiding out at an abandoned house in Orlando when he was captured Tuesday, police said. He tried to escape out the back door when he was confronted by police and was apprehended when he tried to run out the front door. He was wearing body armor and carrying handguns.

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He's now being held without bond at the Orange County Jail.