April the Giraffe makes her Super Bowl pick

April the giraffe, made famous when captivated audiences across the globe eagerly awaited the live stream of her birth at a farm in New York, is making her pick for the Super Bowl. 

Inside the giraffe barn at Animal Adventure Park, there were two sets of lettuce leaves: one above a sign for the New England Patriots, the other over a sign for the Philadelphia Eagles. 

Video shows April skipping over the lettuce on the Eagles sign and choosing the lettuce over the Patriots. 

She didn't say, though, what she thought the final score might be. 

Video of a pregnant April the giraffe went viral last year on the Animal Adventure Park live stream as a worldwide audience anticipated the birth of her giraffe calf.

After an online wait that began in February, the calf, named Tajiri, was born last April. 

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