Arrests made in shooting death of Tampa teen

Eric Williams can't believe the body of 18 year old Eion Gustitis was found just feet from his door step on Commerce Street in Tampa.  Gustitis had been shot to death.

"Really spooky,"  Williams said.

He was a senior at Freedom High School.   Classmates say he was well-liked, and one of the popular kids.
"He seemed cool, cool person just fun to hang around," said freshman Adrian Harvey.

His murder has gone unsolved since it happened over the Labor Day weekend. 

But now, two arrests: 16-year-old Kyra Cuardrado, charged with accessory after the fact to first degree murder and 20-year-old Ezekiel Marc.  He's charged with accessory after the fact to armed robbery.

"There was some sort of party on Friday before murder and someone claimed victim stole some drugs and a cell phone. But at this point, it's unclear whether that even happened," said Tampa Police spokesperson Steve Hegarty.

The day after the murder, police say someone the two suspects knew drove Gustitis to Commerce Street.  Gustitis was then shot and killed.

"We believe the shooter is the one that got out of the car with the victim several minutes later and said 'it's done let's go,'" said Hegarty.

Police say later, Cuardrado tossed the gun and bullets into a lake to hide the evidence.  Marc was allegedly given 40 dollars that belonged to the victim.

As for the actual shooter, that person is still out there.

"Now that his acquaintances have been arrested I'm sure he's well aware that we know all of what went on ,' Hegarty said.