Auburndale Police: Biker shot at truck because it changed lanes

A Polk County family ended up with two bullet holes in their car after trying to change lanes, and the accused shooter may have done it as part of a gang initiation, according to investigators.

Auburndale police said they got a call from a driver who saw the incident go down on Saturday. The family was riding in their truck when bullets tore through their vehicle

On Saturday, a man, woman, and two 9-year-old children were driving their truck on Highway 92 West in Auburndale. They tried to change lanes near Havendale Boulevard

That's when gunfire erupted from a group of about 15 motorcyclists driving alongside them. 

“He pulls up next to it, almost next to it and fires two shots at a car, having no regard for who’s in the car,” said Auburndale’s Interim Police Chief Andy Ray.

No one was hurt, but it could have been much worse.

Police said they arrested 25-year-old Aaron Delaune for attempted murder.

“I have a son. So, if you can imagine you’re driving somewhere and some idiot just fires a shot into your car and it hits your son or your daughter, I mean it’d be really hard to get over that,” said Ray.

Officers said Delaune was with the Kinfolk motorcycle club, a gang in Polk County. The police affidavit said they found loaded guns, ammo and evidence he was a gang recruit.

Delaune allegedly told police he thought the family was changing lanes too close to the bikers.

Police are cautioning drivers and urging people not react to road rage.

“I think the most important thing to think about is you don’t know who’s next to you or in front of you or behind you. So, with that in mind, try to drive carefully,” said Ray.

Police said the witness played a big part in helping them catch the suspect quickly.

Delaune is in the Polk County jail and he’s also charged with shooting at a car with people inside it.