Audio: Medic admits woman's vitals should have been taken

Audio recordings of private disciplinary hearings for four Hillsborough fire medics were released Thursday.

The medics are being questioned for the way they handled a 911 call July 4.

Lt. John “Mike” Morris, 36, medic Justin Sweeney, 36, medic Andrew J. Martin, 28, and acting Lt. Cortney Barton, 38, are on administrative leave with pay, while county officials investigate the incident.

"When things are pressed together mindfully it's hard to recall everything," said Sweeney, during his private disciplinary hearing Tuesday.

According to Hillsborough County Administrator Mike Merrill, the medics did not fulfill their duties when they arrived at an ill patient's home.

Crystle Galloway, 30, had given birth by C-section just days before, and she was in severe pain.

The patient's mother said first responders advised her not to transport her daughter by ambulance because it was too expensive.

County officials are investigating those claims.

Meanwhile, Merrill confirmed the medics failed on other fronts, by not taking Galloway's vitals.

Merrill said if they had, they would have known to transport her to the hospital immediately.

"I didn't notice any signs of a stroke, any swollen lip, any drooling, or anything," said Sweeney.

Toward the end of his hearing, Sweeney did admit to making mistakes, "[Galloway] should have been assessed for basic vital signs."

Merrill has the final say on whether the medics will keep their jobs. It's unclear when a decision will be made.