Baby alligator helped across roadway by Polk deputy

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A baby alligator was lucky a Polk County sheriff's deputy was nearby when it decided to cross a busy Lakeland roadway. 

The Polk County Sheriff's Office posted a Twitter video of a baby alligator - about two feet long -seeming to contemplate running across Shepherd Road. 

As cars whizzed by, the alligator took off. But Deputy Herrera followed right behind, holding cars until the alligator arrived safely on the other side of the road. 

"How did the baby gator cross the road? With the assistance of Deputy Herrera of course! ," PCSO wrote on its Twitter post. "We are a full-service law enforcement agency."


Deputy Herrera could be heard in the video saying that the alligator probably wanted to get to an old phosphate pit just beyond the opposite side of the roadway. 

As the gator began to run, Deputy Herrera encouraged the animal, saying "You got this, little guy!"

The video ends after the alligator's tail disappears into some bushes beyond the side of the road.

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