Baby hilariously stops crying when dad fake cries

A dad in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, gave his crying baby son, Azio, a taste of his own medicine and the baby's priceless reaction has since gone viral.

The one-month-old was crying when Russell Hawes responded by fake crying right back at him. The baby stopped crying and looked at his father with wide eyes and a puzzled expression on his face.

The video has since been shared thousands of times. 

Surprised at the success of this technique, Hawes said he had "never tried it before so I'm just lucky it worked the first time!" 

Hawes told FOX 26 his little boy is held constantly and was crying because he was put down "for all of 10 seconds" while he put his t-shirt on. 

"I just chose to fight back this day with a little humor. I didn’t expect that reaction from him it was priceless," he said. 

Hawes said he's a very active dad with his three kids and says that he plays with all of them, and doesn't just sit on the sidelines and watch them play. "I mess with my kids all the time, this is just the beginning with me and him," he laughed.