Bahamas boat explosion leaves 1 tourist dead, several injured

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An excursion boat exploded in the Bahamas on Saturday, leaving one American dead and several injured.

The incident happened on Saturday morning in the waters of Exuma Cays and involved a 4C's Adventures charter boat with around 10 people on board.

Cell phone video shows flames and black smoke coming from the engine area of the small vessel. Another boat nearby was able to rescue many of the passengers. 

Four injured Americans were airlifted by the Coast Guard and taken to St. Pete-Clearwater Airport. They are being treated at hospitals in Pinellas County. 

One American tourist was killed in the explosion, while two others are said to be in critical condition at a Bahamian hospital. The remaining passengers are also being treated for unknown injuries. 

It's unclear what caused the explosion, although it appeared to involve the engine. 

The identities of those involved have not been released.