Bay Area jockey hospitalized after thrown from horse during race

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A Bay Area jockey is lucky to be alive.

It happens in a matter of seconds. Less than two minutes into the fourth race at Tampa Bay Downs, Alderson was aboard Expialidocious when another horse drifted out in front of them causing Expialidocious to clip heels and throw Alderson to the turf. Seconds after, the 24-year-old was kicked in the head by a trailing horse.

"From the time you get on the horse you never know what could happen. It could happen to any rider. It's just. It's a shame to happen to anybody," said Harry Eder, who works with Alderson at the Fort Erie Race Track in Ontario, Canada.

Through Facetime, he told FOX 13 News it's a scary moment to watch unfold. 

"We understand he took a really big hit to the head. I don't know, after that, everybody is just hoping and praying that he makes it out and he just makes it through this," Eder explained. "You're thinking right away, He's got a little girl. How bad of shape is he in?" 

The kick came with a lot of force. A fellow jockey, Jose Garcia tweeted out a photo of Alderson's cracked helmet.

Social media has kept everyone in the loop. From an online fundraiser for medical care to updates on Facebook. Loved ones have taken to Facebook to show their support. They say he's in stable condition but he's not out of the woods yet. The medical staff is keeping a close eye for brain swelling.

At the age of 24, Alderson has won dozens of races since he started in 2011.

"He's a hardworking young man. As a rider, he's come up within the last few years, as far as his skills. He's one of our top riders here at Ft. Erie. He's well liked," said Eder.

Now, Alderson's friends and family are just hoping he will recover.

"Something like that was just a freak accident. It just is," said Eder.

At last check, Jockey Bryce Alderson is listed in serious but stable condition at St Joseph's Hospital in Tampa. His horse is okay.