Bay area restaurants getting ready to reopen Monday

Restaurants across the bay area are cleaning and organizing ahead of Monday, where Governor DeSantis says restaurants can re-open under certain guidelines as part of phase one of "re-opening Florida."

Those guidelines include restaurants operating at a maximum of 25% capacity indoors and tables outside must be at least six feet apart from one another.

"We obviously want the tables to be six feet apart but you have to account for spacing for passersby; someone that's entering and exiting the restaurant and also going to and from the restroom," said Adam Perhosky from American Social.

Perhosky says staff is working to reconfigure the restaurant to make sure staff and guests can be properly social-distanced, like having one-way walkways for example.

But something like that is not part of the Governor's guidelines, and some restaurant owners say the phase one order is too vague.

"There are so many questions, this is just such a strange environment for everybody, I think that even patrons coming out to eat, I think it’s just going to be kind of an odd experience," said Andrew Bonnemort, the owner of Watervue Grille, Cafe DuFrain, and Cry Baby Cafe.

Bonnemort says he is working with his staff this weekend to make sure all the guidelines are met and they're keeping up with sensitization standards.