Bay Area veteran uses ’22 Pushup Challenge’ to draw attention to veteran suicide

Bay Area veteran Brian Palmer credits the United States Navy for helping shape his adult life.

"Straight out of high school, I joined the United States Navy," he recalled. "The Navy provided me responsibility, a career and helped me become the man I am today."

He retired from the U.S. Navy in 2008 but stays involved with the veteran’s community. 

"Now, I am just one of those veterans that speaks to other veterans," he shared.

National statistics are not lost on Palmer, he is aware that on average, 22 veterans a day commit suicide; and he does his best to be an advocate and a cheerful friend to any veterans.

Then he learned about the ‘22 Pushup Challenge’.

"I got caught up in my normal checking Facebook and my brother challenged me to do 22 pushups for 22 days and to post it and challenge someone else," he said.

Palmer found that the ‘22 Pushup Challenge’ was another way to give back to veterans he cares about.

He does his 22 pushups each morning live on Facebook and he has a following that has increased with interest in this way to give back to veterans.

"It's a social media platform thing, but you can post it anywhere," he explained.

And even though he finished the challenge for his brother, his cousin hit him up again, so he's not stopping his 22 pushups a day. Because his heart is truly for saving veteran's lives.

"If you are a service member who struggles with, not only just getting up every day, finding a reason to do so, making it through that day... and the voices inside your head are telling you that you're not worthy and you won't be missed. Realize, that's just not true," he passionately shared. "There is a purpose and a plan for you. I would encourage you to seek help."

Learn more about the ‘22 Pushup Challenge’ here

To learn more about Veterans Suicide prevention and for the hotline information, visit
or if you are a veteran needing help call (800)273-8255 or text 838255.


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