Beach weddings are out: Barn weddings grow in popularity

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While many couples opt for Florida beaches instead of traditional wedding venues - but the tides are turning. 

A growing number of couples are skipping the sandy walk down the aisle and saying "I do" to barn weddings instead.

One bride says it had special appeal for her and her husband. Stephanie Nigro wanted something relaxing and personal for her wedding day to her best friend and longtime love, Patrick.

They found the perfect spot at Old McMicky's Farm in Odessa.

"We liked it so much we just picked this one. We never picked anywhere else," said Nigro.

Stephanie and Patrick are among a growing number of couples trading the beaches for barn weddings.

"It's beautiful, love the lake on it and the fire pit," said Nigro.

"It's not as stuffy as a ballroom. It's more laid back. You have a good time. Everybody gets to let loose and just celebrate somebody's love," said Michelle Stephens, the operations manager of Old McMicky's Farm.

At a barn wedding, you may see more boots instead of heels. Guests can mingle with farm animals. Pickup trucks become carriages for the bride and groom.

At some venues, like Old McMicky's, it can be one-stop shopping.

"We provide everything so you can actually come and enjoy your day," said owner Ralph Zuckerman.

"It can go anywhere from $15,000 up to $30,000," said Stephens.

For Stephanie and Patrick, it's an experience creating priceless memories.

"It's in nature, it's beautiful, it's fun it's relaxing, you've got a lot of options," said Zuckerman.

Old McMicky's says barn weddings are very popular in the fall. Their wedding season stretches from October through May, but they are planning to remodel the barn to add air conditioning.

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