Before his execution, victim's family will tell James Dailey how he ruined their lives

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Family members of a teenager killed in 1985 welcomed the signing of the death warrant for convicted killer James Dailey.

He was sent to death row for the 1985 killing of Shelly Boggio, whose body was found off Indian Rocks Beach.

"Just because you never met somebody doesn't mean you don't feel them there," said sister Brittany Boggio, who was born several years after the killing.

Shelly's body was stabbed multiple times after police say she was picked up as a hitchhiker by Dailey and Jack Pearcy, who was also convicted.

"It breaks my heart to know that she fought so hard, so hard for her life. Those monsters brutally butchered her," Brittany said.

For family members who were alive at the time, it feels like yesterday.

"My mother called and needed me home right away," said cousin Andrea Boggio. "She said Shelly had been murdered. And she said I needed to come home. I passed out."

The Boggios say the murder sent numerous family members into downward spirals. 

"They went to drugs, alcohol to numb the feeling, the pain," said Kalli Boggio. "My sister, Stacy, [Shelly's] twin, actually died of drugs."

They still battle nightmares and anxiety, imagining what it will be like to finally face Dailey just before the lethal chemicals are pumped into his veins.

Kalli plans to read a letter before the execution.

"She never got to go to prom, she never got to have children, she never got to have a first love," she said.

Brittany also knows what she's going to say to Dailey.

"I hope you get the worst punishment of your life when God decides where you are going to go. I hope you go to hell," she said.

All three family members said they plan to be there during the execution. It is set for 6 p.m. Nov. 7.