Berkeley Prep grad looks toward 2020 Olympics

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A Berkeley Prep graduate is pulling his way to world class status on the University of Washington rowing team. 

Sam O' Brien is a freshman at UW and part of the school's national championship rowing team.

"You had to pull your heart out," Sam O' Brien said. "The only way to win was having a bigger heart then they did."

The 19-year-old is living out his dream to become a world class rower. He and his teammates from the University of Washington won the Freshman 8th National Championship.

"What draws me to rowing is that it's a very competitive sport, requires pain and toil to compete at the highest level," O'Brien said. "It was quite an experience unlike anything that I have ever done."

He and has teammates competed against 22 other teams to win the event. O'Brien hopes to make the 2020 Olympics.