Big Cat Rescue treats animals to Halloween goodies

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Halloween came early for some of the lions, tigers, and leopards at Big Cat Rescue.

The rescue group's lack leopard, Jinx, tigers Andre and Arthur, lioness Nikita, and tigress Kali had a blast exploring pumpkins filled with chicken and spooky cardboard haunted houses.

The treats are part of an ongoing mission to provide the cats mental stimulation in a fun, safe way.

"Like domestic cats, big cats are always curious about anything new and different in their environments," Big Cat Rescue said. "Big Cat Rescue’s Enrichment Committee carved the jack-o-lanterns for the cats and takes pride in handing them out to the cats."

Big Cat Rescue in Tampa is home to about 70 big cats, including lions, tigers, leopards, cougars, bobcats and more.

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