Block party, complete with live DJ, broken up by Bradenton PD with no citations issued

Bradenton police got a tip that a block party was planned Saturday night.

They tried to break it up beforehand, but those involved wouldn’t listen. The party spilled out into the roadway, along 12th Avenue West, and went well into Sunday morning, according to police.

When police showed up there was a DJ and at least 70 people partying. They told the crowd to disperse, but it took a while to get everyone to leave.

“Eventually they were able to get the music shut off. The crowd still wasn’t dispersing so instead of pushing the enforcement side of it, our officers acted with their lights and sirens and the crowd dispersed on their own. So we’re doing everything in our power, just as much as everyone else is, to try and resolve these things peacefully without taking enforcement action,” explained Bradenton Police Department Capt. Brian Thiers.

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Police said they only had to leave their lights and sirens on for a few minutes before everyone got the message. No citations were handed out.

Less than 48 hours before, Manatee County enacted a county-wide curfew, running from 11 at night to 5 in the morning. Officers hope that puts an end to events like this one.

Bradenton police, like many law enforcement agencies throughout Manatee County, said they would rather educate than cite, but if it comes down to it, they will.

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