Bond denied for hospitalized suspect in deputy's death

Investigators say Travis Garrett, the man accused of ramming his car into the cruiser of Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office MCpl. Brian LaVigne, was traveling at a speed of over 76 miles per hour at the time of the deadly impact. 

LaVigne was killed and Garrett, who remains at the hospital, was severely injured. Yet his criminal case moves on.

At a bond hearing Monday, Hillsborough County Judge Catherine Catlin was shown body camera video that captures the moments before the deadly crash that killed LaVigne. 

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Deputy Eric Leshick said he saw it coming and tried to warn LaVigne seconds before.

"He's aiming right for you get out of the way!" Deputy Leshick could be heard yelling on his two-way radio in the video played in court. 

Later, Deputy Adam Paulz testified that he rushed to Lavigne’s aide.

"I was calling out his name asking if he was OK," said Deputy Paulz. 

He said he never got a response from Lavigne. 

Just minutes earlier, Deputy Paulz came face-to face-with Garrett outside Garrett's apartment. His bodycam video shows Garrett, with no clothes on, ignoring deputy questions and commands.

Even taking a selfie. 

Things escalated when Garrett tried to get into his car.

"Subject turned around and started to strike Deputy Durig with his right hand and Deputy Durig started to fall back," said Paulz.  

Paulz used his taser on Garrett but it didn't have much effect. Garrett was able to drive away. They say he rammed through the apartment gate and he headed straight towards LaVigne’s cruiser. 

During the hearing, it was revealed LaVigne's cause of death was blunt force trauma to his head and spinal cord. 

One of the last witnesses was Hillsborough County Detective Anthony Watson who said he had spoken to Garrett’s father who told him about his son's recent erratic behavior and that he had, "completely lost it," explained Watson. 

Prosecutors also played an Instagram video clip of Garrett making incoherent statements about police and his drug use.  

After hearing hours of testimony, Judge Catlin ruled Garrett was a threat to the community and denied him bond on the first-degree murder charge. Garrett will remain in jail until his trial, after he is released from the hospital.