Boxing program in Largo fights Parkinson's disease

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Ray Comingore is a fighter in more ways than one.

The 65-year-old was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2010.

He fights the degenerative movement disorder, affecting more than a million Americans, through to a special training program at Rock Steady Boxing in Largo

Everyone in the program is fighting Parkinson's together.

“If you sit at home, it’s going to take over and you can’t let it win - and there’s a way to not let it win,” Comingore said. “This is my support group we take care of each other and I feel good I’m doing things I didn’t dream I could do.”

Jordan Brannon is the head coach at Rock Steady Boxing. She focuses on getting her class out of their comfort zone. 

The boxing is no-contact but full of intensity.

“I want to make someone believe they can do anything,” she said. “Boxers train for optimal speed, optimal balance, optimal strength, and condition so it naturally works we're training those functions to be better,” Brannon said.

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