Breast cancer survivor creates horseback riding event to support Making Strides

Horses are a comfort for Lisa Fields. The animals have been part of the support team for Fields and her mother during their breast cancer battles. 

"Horses are soothing so helped me a lot. Even brushing them is soothing," said Fields.

Her mother was diagnosed fist in 2010, and then five years later, it was Fields who was diagnosed. 

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"They caught it very early. It was my blessing. So I had to have a hysterectomy and a double mastectomy," said Fields.

She took part in the American Cancer Society's Making Strides event, and she wanted to do more. She created Canter For Cancer, a horseback ride that raises money for the American Cancer Society.

Fields has had six rides, so far.

"Obviously the American Cancer Society does a lot in the way of providing rides, knowledge and lodging, so I'm glad that I'm able to raise money for such a thing," said Fields.

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Just like Making Strides, this event has heart and spirit. 

"A lot of them will dress up. We have a prize for the pinkest pony in person, so we'll get people that are all pink and horses that are all pink," Fields said. "Some people don't even have a horse. Some people just want to be there, because they've experienced cancer themselves. This last time we actually had somebody that brought horses so that somebody could ride that didn't have a horse, and we actually had a lady in the middle of her cancer journey come out and ride, and it was really nice to see her enjoy herself in that way."

Fields and her mother are cancer free and continue to show their gratitude through horse power.

"I believe everybody should do whatever they can to help no matter what it is, and you never know how it's going to affect you sometime in your life, so I think everybody should do just what little they can," said Fields.

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