Brooksville hero gifted new home for the holidays

The organization Building Homes for Heroes was able to give a Brooksville family the gift they truly deserved this Christmas.

Air Force Senior Airman Diana Colon, her husband and sons will enjoy the holidays this year in their brand new home.

Colon joined the military out of Miami, FL in May of 2001 to follow in the footsteps of her father, who served in the Marines. She served as a surgeon's assistant, which exposed her to trauma through working on wounded soldiers.

Building Homes for Heroes said Colon began feeling dizzy and was diagnosed with a neurological disorder. She also struggles with anxiety and depression. She has been awarded the National Defense Service Medal and other commendations.

When the organization heard her story, they began planning to build Colon a home, with the help of JP Morgan Chase, Lowe's and dozens of volunteers.