Bucs fans in the stands for first time since pandemic began

Just less than 6,400 fans were allowed inside Raymond James Stadium to witness the Buccaneers' victory against the L.A.Chargers.

The team considered this second home game a "soft" opening, where only people who have had season tickets since 1998 or earlier were allowed to be inside Ray Jay.

"Just seeing after six months without being in the stadium, six months after being locked at home, seeing everybody here, being back in the game, it's so exciting, I'm really excited," said Krystal Chavez, a Bucs fan.

Fans say they felt safe during the game. People were spread out around the stadium to ensure social distancing.

"Inside was very safe, we were separated, no one around us, everybody wearing masks, so it was a pretty safe experience as far as we're concerned," said Mark Evans, a long-time season ticket holder.

More fans will be let into the next home game on October 18 against the Green Bay Packers.