'Build a city!': Ad in Wall Street Journal asks Bezos to build in Manatee

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A Manatee County developer is trying to get Amazon to build its second headquarters in the Bay Area.

To try and get the online shopping giant's attention, Carlos Beruff - who is best known for his development company Medalion Home - paid for a full-page ad in Thursday's edition of the Wall Street Journal.

The ad begins with: "Amazon, you're BIG!! Mr. Bezos, you think big. Why build a campus? Build a City!!!"

The offer to build the company's second headquarters in Florida comes after Amazon pulled out of a deal to build in New York City.

Facing stiff opposition from some democratic New York leaders, Amazon decided to withdraw from the plans entirely. Those opposed to the project argued the company received too many incentives as part of the deal.

Others argued it was a huge loss for New York since the project expected to create roughly 25,000 jobs, but leaders in Florida have been quick to offer Amazon an alternative.

Gov. Ron DeSantis said this week he welcomes Amazon, and Senator Rick Scott wrote a letter to Jeff Bezos, Amazon's CEO Friday, stating the same.

Beruff said his 935-acre property near I-75, just 30 minutes south of Tampa, would be a great spot for the company to build what he envisioned as a city.

"I thought maybe, maybe, he'd enjoy the idea of a challenge to build a city instead of just a campus," said Beruff.

As with any deal, incentives are part of the negotiation process. Beruff said the fact that Florida has no income tax is a major advantage.

Amazon said it has no plans to begin a new search, but Beruff said he's hopeful his ad in the Wall Street Journal will encourage Bezos to keep the Bay Area in mind.

"I know it's a long shot but I'm used to taking long shots," said Beruff.