Burglars hit home with teen inside

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Three people are being held at the Sarasota County jail as detectives work to learn their true identities.

"There is a woman and she is knocking on all the doors and she is peering in the windows," said a panicked 16-year-old girl when she called a 911 operator for help.

The frightened girl kept calm as a strange woman appeared outside her home on Founders Club Drive, Sunday afternoon.

"She entered our pool cage. And I think she has gloves on," she continues during the call.

The girl was home alone and quickly called her parents for help and then dialed 911.

"She knocked on the door for like three straight minutes. I did not answer," the teen told the 911 operator.

Her parents rushed home and caught two women outside and a man in a get-away car.

The mother than dialed 911 and told operators what was happening. "They are running. They are running and they are saying my dog. My dog."

Once they left the family found evidence that the three were up to no good.

"There is a brick here. It looks like they were going to smash the window," the mother said to the 911 operator.

Deputies eventually caught all three suspects.

Renata Mendes, Aniela Rapcinska and Adam Browski said they were from Chicago.
Each said they were at the home for different reasons.

"They are looking for empty homes. That is why they knock on the doors like they do, to make sure there is no one home, or if someone is home they come up with a story of a lost dog, or needing directions," said Det. Luis Ojeda.

Detective Luis Ojeda with the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office called the incident a seasonal crime, that often happens from November to May.

"These groups come from the Midwest, because the weather is a lot better here. So they are trying to escape the weather and commit crimes down here at the same time," said Det.Ojeda.

Deputies are still working to confirm the names the suspects gave, because each has several aliases, and Mendes has warrants in Collier County and New Jersey.

The three are being held on no bond.
Detectives requested a Nebbia hearing. It allows the courts to find out the source of their bond money. It's done to make sure money from illegal activities is not being used for the bond.

"We are pulling out all the stops. We are sending out bulletins with these people's pictures and all the information on there to see if anyone else has seen them in their area," said Det. Ojeda.