Chinese hot pot recipes 

Chinese Hot-Pot is a social and communal cooking method. The hot-pot is a steamboat placed on a portable burner in the center of the table. What you place in the pot is up to the tastes of the dinner host and guests.

Options for the hot-pot / Typical mixes include:
2 types of greens such as watercress, snow pea leaves, and/or spinach
2 or more non-meat items to taste like carrots, corn, tofu and/or mushrooms
1 or more meat item, such as beef, pork or chicken (thin cut to enable thorough cooking in the broth)
1 or more seafood item, salmon, scallops or shrimp
A kind of noodle, such as rice noodles or udon noodles
Broth - beef stock, chicken stock, etc... based on the choices above

Prep all items before bringing them to the table for the meal. (The smaller items will cook faster than larger ones)
Use separate plates for the items that should not mix/combine those that can to conserve space

Cooking Items and Tools:
Portable burner, electric or gas-powered to allow the pot to simmer on the dinner table
Small pot, 12 inches in diameter (can serve 2 to 6 people)
Small strainers or spoons for food retrieval from the pot, tongs work too
Chopsticks or table utensils

Tina Yu's Dipping Sauce Recipe:
1 cup diced onion
1 cup cilantro 
1 cup pressed garlic 
1 cup Sacha sauce (Chinese BBQ Sauce)
2 cups vinegar 
1 cup soy sauce

With all of the preparation done in advance, dinner guests sit at the table together with the hot-pot in the center.
The pot is brought to a simmering boil and kept at that temperature for the duration of the meal.
Each guest gathers selections from the plates to begin cooking their meal to taste in the simmering broth of the hot-pot.