Classes canceled after mold was discovered in Pinellas County Head Start centers 

Hundreds of parents were notified that mold was found in 11 of the 24 Head Start centers in Pinellas County just days before the end of winter break. 

Amelia Fox is with Lutheran Services of Florida, the non-profit that manages the Pinellas programs, said the mold was mainly found in cabinets and closets or on the walls. 

She said, “Most of the centers it was really tucked away behind, in those hard to see areas. In one or two centers I believe, it was in the air. So those will have a little bit longer delay in cleaning it up.” 

As of now, the back to school date has been pushed to Jan. 13, but Fox said it could be extended further in some cases.
The schools were last inspected six months ago.

 Fox said, “In July, the Pinellas County licensing board-licensed us. And they had a health inspection that was a part of that. And that is done annually. We do visual tests annually as well, and throughout the year.”

The cleaning process will continue over the next week and parents will be updated on the progress. 

Additional testing will be done to determine what kind of mold is present. 

LSF said right now it’s believed to be basic Florida mold and not anything close to toxic black mold.