Clearwater couple's murder remains unsolved

When Noel Devine is asked how she has handled the last four months without her mother and stepfather, she answers with a bit of a laugh -- the kind that is both subtle and filled with sadness.

"How do we get through this? We cry our bloody eyes out," she said.

Tuesday marked four months to the day since David and Mina Swan were found dead in their Flushing Avenue home in Clearwater.

Through her grief, Devine, Mina's daughter, loves remembering David's and Mina's lives but also won't stop thinking about their deaths because the killer isn't in jail.

"Every single waking day, that's what we fight for. We'd love her back, we can't bring her back, but we can't let her death just go without seeking the answers," Devine told FOX 13. "This isn't simple. This isn't something that had an easy answer. If it did, we would have known already. Our family would have known and the neighbors would have known."

Mina, 80, was a retired school teacher and David, 88, was a former accountant.

Clearwater police believe the couple was killed on either Sept. 27 or 28. A neighbor and relative found them on Sept. 29. Investigators don't believe the crime was random.

Detectives have had some leads, billboards set up throughout Tampa Bay have helped bring in tips, but police have not been able to identify a suspect.

"This is the most important case that we work on at the Clearwater Police Department right now," said Det. Brian Kanicki. "This is one of those cases where we have a lot of people, a lot of information that we still are going through as well as a lot of physical evidence and it's a case that we work on every day."

Investigators have been looking at family, friends and business associates across the country.

"Is there a clock ticking? Absolutely," Kanicki said. "I want answers to this. The family deserves answers. This community deserves answers and the person who did this deserves to be held accountable for this."

"Someone out there knows and can help us and what we're looking for is that help. We're not giving up. I know that the detectives aren't giving up," Devine added. "Twenty years from now, I don't want to be telling my grandchildren and my great grandchildren that we never found out."

Devine said her brother has stage-four cancer and she is praying this case is solved before he passes away.

Anyone with information should call Clearwater police at 727-562-4242.